Our Team

Christian Carreon

Founder & CEO

Christian Carreon is a creative risk management expert. He is the founder and CIO of Create Wealth management, an investment advisory firm that helps clients invest in the companies creating the world of tomorrow while avoiding substantial drawdowns that hinder their ability to build long-term wealth. He is also the founder and CEO of Paradigm Shift Trading, an educational company that helps investors create a systematic approach for investing in the stock market.

Christian developed an interest in the stock market after experiencing the loss of both his kidneys and his family’s entire savings during the 2008 economic crisis. Him and his family experienced first hand what it’s like to have their investments get cut in half during a detrimental life event. This experience gave birth to what has now become a lifelong passion of understanding and managing risk in the stock market, which has propelled him to build businesses that help investors create and keep the wealth they need to create the life they want.

Author: lm-admin